Megamind Media
Deshawn (Kountry Wayne) and Megan (Marquitta Goings) are a young married couple living in a crappy apartment. Between the holes in the walls, door off its hinges, and obnoxiously loud neighbors Megan is at her breaking point. Desperate to repair his relationship, Deshawn contacts a sleazeball attorney who talks them into buying their dream home. But it’s a nightmare, and the house is clearly haunted! After many failed attempts at creating a cheerful home in a haunted house, Deshawn, and Megan split. Left alone in the house, Deshawn soon meets and falls for Candice, a sexy and irresistible ghost.


Executive Producers: Kountry Wayne, Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood, Donte Lee


Writer: Emma Franklin


Director: Carl Anthony Payne II


Starring: Wayne Colley, Marquita Goings, Rolonda Rochelle, Michael Anthony, Erica Pinkett, Carl Anthony Payne II, Chantal Maurice, Patrice Lovely